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Garage Door Opener Installation Service Parker, CO

If you have just move in to Parker, one of the first things that you need to check is how efficient and secure your garage door is. If the house that you bought is built in the late 80s to early 90s and the garage is fitted with an overhead garage door, you need to check if the garage door opener complies with the federal laws. Give us a call and we will send a qualified garage door motor repair technician to assist you.

Garage Doors Built In 1993

If the previous owner tells you that the garage door is built in 1993 or after, it must be fit with a garage opener has a safety reverse that comes with photo eye or edge sensors that will make the garage door move in reverse if someone or something is blocking the path. If yes, are these sensors sensitive enough or properly installed? If they are not (or if you are not sure), it is best to call our garage door repair Parker to check the sensors and have them fixed or replaced right away. Remember that if doing this check as early as possible will help you avoid entrapment issues.

Do You Need a More Powerful Motor?

A powerful motor is often necessary if you choose to upgrade your garage door and placed materials with better insulation. A better-insulated door means more weight, which your old opener and torsion springs may not accommodate. Allow our garage door company to help you pick the right one.

You can give us a call 24/7 if you need help in installing new motors or for any repairs. Our technicians will first check your garage doors for any problems in the spring or counter-balance to see if you need a new motor or the problem lies elsewhere. We can also give you assistance is your garage door is locked due to motor failure, and we can help you move your vehicles to safety if you think it is unsafe to move your garage door.

Our Garage Door Repair Parker AZ technicians are knowledgeable in all brands and models of garage door motors, and if you need help in troubleshooting and fixing those motors, we can lend you a hand. Among the motors we specialize in are Lift Master, Genie, Craftsman, Genie, Chamberlain.

Are Your Remotes Secure?

Do you know where your remotes are? The reason why you need to ask yourself this is for safety purposes, especially if you have children. Garage door openers are extremely dangerous, and it is very important that your children will not have access to the garage keypad or the remote controls. If you need to be extra careful, have a Parker garage door repair technician assist you with installing new keypads that are out of children’s reach, or program you new remotes that can be installed in your visor.

Another issue with remotes is that thieves can record remote control signals and replay it while you are away. You can have us provide you a new garage door opener that uses a rolling code technology for a safer garage.

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