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Garage Door Broken Springs Repair Parker, CO

Your garage door is easily the heaviest moving machine in your house. If your garage door has no insulation and is for a single car, it would probably weigh about 150 pounds. Depending on the material and thickness you allow for proper insulation to save you energy, it wpaould weigh much more. The average well-insulated garage door will weigh about 280 pounds.

The torsion spring and the counterbalance are the only things that are supporting the entire weight of the garage door. If the spring breaks or it gets too stretched and relaxed, the door will become heavy and the garage door motor (or you, if you choose to pull up your door manually) will have difficulty opening the door.

Before you research on how to install tension springs on a garage door and do spring repair all by yourself, remember that repairing springs can be dangerous. If done improperly, it can cause serious damage or injury. If you are not properly equipped to repair your garage door, call garage door repair Parker Broken spring services instead.

Repairing Doors the Professional Way

Our Parker garage door repair services are done by qualified professionals that are equipped with the knowledge of repairing and installing new springs for any garage door. Remember that springs are designed to take on a specific amount of weight and miscalculations can cause serious damage on your car, or cause injury to members of your household that are using the garage. If they are released from the long bar, the whole weight of the garage door will make an impact to the ground. Note that without the proper tools, it will be impossible to lift the garage door. At the same time, torsion springs have a lot of tension, and if they are accidentally unlatched while you are repairing them, you may get seriously wounded.

Our technicians are covered by insurance, and that means that any damage that may occur during any work is under our liability. That gives you’re the peace of mind that a company is accountable for anything that may happen, apart from getting the best garage door repair Parker Broken spring service there is.

Service that is Available 24/7

A broken spring incident is a matter of emergency, and if the spring breaks during the middle of the night, you should not wait for your garage door to be fixed the next morning, especially if you can only exit your house through the garage door. If you are experiencing problems with a broken spring, garage door off track, and other problems, give us a call and we will send a technician to repair doors, even during the afterhours.

Our licensed technicians are experienced in fixing all kinds of garage doors and are well versed with all brands and models of garage door openers. For emergencies, make sure that we receive that call so we can send a professional to assess the situation as soon as possible. To make sure that you will always get a speedy assistance from our garage door repair Parker Broken spring service personnel, save our 24/7 hotline in your phone’s speed dia.

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